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The Rib Knit Balaclava
The flip side of Rudi Gernreich’s life-long commitment to skin-flaunting freedom was his concept of ‘Public Privacy’- that when it is worn, clothing must be more than personal adornment, but also function to provide protection from today’s harsh urban environments.
It’s the right time to harness the liberating power of Anonymity by slipping into the comfort and luxury of this virgin-wool mix ribbed balaclava. The pure lines of this soft, sleek full-face mask derive from Gernreich knitwear designs from the 1960s and 1970s. A streamlined simple design with dramatic eye-slash which immediately transforms any outfit into a striking Statement.
Sequestered at home, during sport, or braving the street, be conscious, protect yourself, and stay safe - without sacrificing any style.
Oversized ‘Rudi Gernreich’ logo label in black with white lettering attached to back of balaclava.
Fabric comes down to collarbone/ back of neck.
One-size-fits all.
50% Wool, 50% Viscose.
Made in Italy.