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The Sergeant Balaclava
The balaclava was born for the frozen faces of armed forces sent out to fight battles in foreign fields; subsequently, the style has grown to become a universal symbol of rebellion and revolt. The controversial shape’s lasting resilience is to be found in the instant anonymity it confers upon the wearer, home or away. Rudi Gernreich has been advocating ‘balaclava chic’ since 1963, when, always challenging the status quo, he started slipping them down over some of the world’s most famous faces.
In step with today’s new priority on personal protection, this bold Jacquard knit balaclava hood comes down to shoulders for full coverage. Designed to fit loose, it features sweeping stripes angled across the cheekbone, forehead and throat. Choose from two equally attention-grabbing colorways - black with contrast white stripe pattern, or red with contrast navy blue stripes. The knitted chevron pattern has been adapted from the military epaulette decal integrated into Rudi’s scarf designs of the 1960s and 1970s, with a nod to Adam Ant and tribal tattoos.
Oversized ‘Rudi Gernreich’ logo label in black with white lettering attached to back of balaclava
Covers the brow-line, ribbed around eye-slit
Pattern appears front and back
One-size fits all
95% Wool, 5% Elastane
Made in Italy